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Lawentus goes Live on Document and Email Management System: iManage Cloud

Nach einer langen Planungs- und Vorbereitungsphase haben wir unser komplettes Dokumenten- und E-Mail Managementsystem modernisiert und in die Cloud verlagert. Hierfür sind besonders in unserer Berufsgruppe erhebliche Aufwendungen und Sicherheitsvorkehrungen notwendig, welche wir gemeinsam mit unserem IT-Dienstleister Ascertus Limited vorgenommen haben.

Ein Auszug aus der englischen Pressemeldung von Ascertus limited:

Germany-based boutique corporate law and commercial law firm, Lawentus, has gone live with iManage Cloud for document and email management, within three months of starting the project. Ascertus Limited, as the implementation and support partner, has enabled the firm to smoothly transition from its longstanding on-premises version of the solution to the cloud, migrating more than 90,000 documents. In the current distributed workforce environment, Lawentus will benefit from enhanced application performance alongside significant productivity and efficiency gains for end users.  Ascertus provides tailored information and document lifecycle management solutions, on-premises and in the cloud, to professional services firms and corporate legal departments across the UK and Europe.

Lawyers at Lawentus will access iManage Cloud from anywhere and any device, without any compromise to their user experience. Team members can share, edit, and collaborate on contract, deals and client-related documents in real-time, completely assured that neither the industry’s high security standards nor the governance of the files is sacrificed.

Moving the iManage Work document and email management to the cloud platform was a no-brainer for Lawentus. Explaining the firm’s rationale, Dennis Petersen, Business Lawyer and Head of IT at Lawentus, says, “In the current business environment, with the availability of a sophisticated one-stop-shop platform such as iManage Cloud and the criticality of an advanced document and email management system for our lawyers, there simply isn’t a business rationale for an on-premises solution for this function. As a growing firm, we need easy to use modern technology that will provide a trustworthy environment for our clients and help us attract the best lawyers in the market to our organisation.”

On selecting Ascertus as the firm’s implementation and support partner, Petersen comments, “Their team is knowledgeable of the iManage solution set as well as the business and IT environment of law firms, so the whole transition from on-premises to the cloud was efficient. They were great at proactively troubleshooting. There has been negligible business disruption during this implementation. The ongoing support of our solution is in good hands.”

Lawentus will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of document and email management technology as well as reduced cost of maintenance without compromising on the quality of solution.  Jon Wainwright, Sales and Marketing Director of Ascertus Limited, remarks. “A dispersed workforce is likely to be norm well into the future and with iManage Cloud, Lawentus has ensured that the firm’s lawyers will always have the most up-to-date document and email functionality as a matter of routine.”

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